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At Freedom Yoga we set out to develop versatile yoga tops that would have a very practical use for any type of yoga. If you were to buy our yoga top you could instantly start to see some of the difference between our yoga longsleeve tops and other items between the competition in our market. Here are some of the big elements that make up our design process and every piece of clothing that we have created:
Yoga tops with quality fabrics: when practicing yoga you definitely want to have a top that's going to be able to breathe as well as a top that is very comfortable for movement. We use some of the best in form fitting blends with each one of our yoga tops in the collection. This means getting comfortable and formfitting fabrics that can also breathe well. It's the perfect combination for a healthy workout.
Softer fabrics: During movement there is nothing worse than feeling extremely conscious of a top that is always moving across your body. By using some of the softest materials that we could find, we help to ensure that you can be more in the moment and more present in your yoga practice.
Easy washing: For hot yoga and regular yoga practice it is very important that you get access to a fabric that's going to be easy to wash and great for standing up over time. Yoga top fabrics that fade over time and that require handwashing simply aren't a great investment for the future. Our tops can easily be thrown in with your other laundry and they come out great every time.
Tops for modesty: With yoga longsleeve tops you can get comfortable during any time of year. There is nothing worse than feeling extremely body conscious throughout a yoga session. With the right tops for modesty you can feel extremely comfortable in any yoga class.
Check out our wide selection of yoga tops online today. You can buy our Yoga tops at reasonable prices and know that they will carry all of the top marks of a quality piece of workout gear.